Donating 50% of Profits to Hockey Communities in Need


Mite Hockey Team

A Place to Play

Blue Line Apparel Co. was founded by Charlie Poey, a lifelong athlete with a strong passion for hockey and soccer. His favorite memories, as a kid, are playing sports with his friends at the neighborhood park - hockey, soccer, baseball, football, Trac Ball® 'Lacrosse,' and anything else that they could make up.  Organized sports started with rec teams in hockey, t-ball and soccer, and quickly moved to traveling teams as he got a bit older. Playing on travel teams allowed Charlie the good fortune to play at numerous arenas, parks and athletic fields in the Twin Cities and beyond.  Being a kid, though, he did not realize the importance of playing sports, and how it would shape his life.  Today, Charlie is actively involved in youth sports, through coaching, or just watching his kids play - hockey, soccer, swimming, Nordic skiing, snowboarding and track.

The Idea

In early 2016, Charlie came across a Let’s Play Hockey article, where he learned of the impending financial crisis that many hockey communities are facing. These affected communities must meet certain EPA standards in their ice arenas, as defined in the Montreal Protocol, which require costly changes to their refrigeration systems. Charlie knew that this would have a significant impact on most of these communities, but he did not think that there was anything that he could do to help.  As time moved on, Charlie kept thinking about this looming crisis, and eventually an idea was born - Blue Line Apparel Co. A company where 50% of the profits* go to communities in need of financial assistance for the improvement of their ice arenas.  Because kids need to have a place to play, dream, make friends and make memories. 


* Fifty percent (50%) of profit is calculated after taxes, expenses and fees are paid.